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Our aim is to ‘tailor’ coaching to meet individual needs from beginners to the experienced, manage a support team of MX racers to promote their own individual goals at race level, provide a service to individualise bike setup and educate about bike maintenance.

Machine Set up.

If you love riding your bike as much as we do, we can only imagine that you like to push it as hard as you can!

If this is you, then getting you machine tailored to suit you is a MUST!!

Not only can we supply the parts, we can advise you on the direction that best suits YOUR needs.

1st your suspension, from the correct springs for your weight, style and terrain you ride, to internal valving and other performance & failure saving parts, and don't forget those swing arm & linkage bearings!

2nd, the cockpit. Getting the ergos to suit you and the way you move about the bike.

3rd, Bars and controls, the are an under estimated area of interface with our machines, get these sorted to ride harder for long with way more control!!

Lastly, dial it all in to ensure it works together.

Call us to get YOU started.....

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