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Our aim is to ‘tailor’ coaching to meet individual needs from beginners to the experienced, manage a support team of MX racers to promote their own individual goals at race level, provide a service to individualise bike setup and educate about bike maintenance.


One on one coaching:

Moto Advantage seeks to provide the best possible MX coaching to each individual rider. We cater for all riders and skill level, ranging from new beginners, trail riders, MX racers and to national mx competitors. The benefit of individualised coaching is –maximising results while reducing rider risk.

Group coaching:

We do run coaching courses usually run over one to two days. Numbers are limited to ensure riders are receiving maximum individualised focus.

Basic Coaching Outline (varies according to rider skill level)

  • If required; basic introduction to MWA requirements and process of becoming a member of your local MX club
  • Bike setup and controls
  • Skill development – body position, weight distribution, throttle control, clutch control, braking, cornering berms/ruts/flat turns
  • Understand why we do the things we do from a professional rider
  • Focus practice techniques and routines that will give you improved control skills
  • Bike maintenance and rider safety awareness
  • Answer any questions a rider may have

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Coaching Course  Byford, LWTMCC   9/3/2014   8.00am  1.30pm

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 MX Maintenance

 Forrestfield, WA

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